Wisconsin Drug Card Testimonials

I have a monthly prescription that cost nearly $80. A friend suggested that I use your program. That same prescription processed through your discount program lowered the cost to $29. More people need to know about the Wisconsin Drug Card. Thank you for the program.

Martha P.
Oshkosh, WI

Your program has been a godsend for patients who visit our clinic without insurance. Those who were often times forced to choose between which medications to have filled will now have options. We will continue to recommend the Wisconsin Drug Card program to all our patients. Thanks!

Katie W.
Manitowoc, WI

I have been on the same medication for nearly five years. When I last visited my pharmacy, the pharmacist told me of the Wisconsin Drug Card program. We were both astonished to see that the cost of the prescription was lowered from $123 to $57 through the program. I can't express my gratitude enough.

Albert S.
Eau Claire, WI