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Wisconsin Debuted Prescription Drug Benefit For All

On March 4, state health care officials were excited to debut the Wisconsin Drug Card Program. The program offers an average of 30 percents savings for prescription drugs—and members can save up to 75 percent, reported the LaCross Tribune.

But the Rx drug program didn't get much press... that's because Packers quarterback Brett Favre announced he was retiring the same day.

Ben Porritt, the media director of the Drug Card Program, admitted it wasn't "the best timing ".

The program was designed to help out residents without health insurance who might have trouble paying for needed medications.

It can also help those who have insurance but no prescription drug coverage, and seniors enrolled in the Medicare Part D prescription drug program when they reach the coverage gap.

"[The drug card is] good for people who have seasonal jobs and college kids without insurance, or people in a transitional period before insurance coverage begins," said Porritt.

Discounts are available with any participating retailer or pharmacy. In Wisconsin, residents can go to Aurora Pharmacy, Kmart, Walgreens, and thousands of other pharmacies, wrote the Tribune.

So who can enroll in the drug discount program? Anyone.

There are no eligibility requirements – no income restrictions or age limits, and there's no application to enroll.

All Wisconsin residents have to do is go to this website and print out a free drug card – or go talk to a Kmart or Walgreens pharmacist.